To promote all kinds of spanking

When, Where And How To Spank: The Spanking Guide


Do you dream about spanking, but are too afraid to talk about it wit your partner? Do fantasize about having a little domestic discipline or BDSM in relationship?

Then this book will help you to get there. The spanking guide isn’t another collection of stories, but a hands on guide which answers every imaginable question in the spanking lifestyle. This book shows you how to approach your partner and tell her what you want, and how to integrate spanking in your life. You will live life on your own terms.

Our blog,, has been read by hundred thousands of people. We began blogging in 2002 and have honestly seen a lot of things [We restarted the blog in 2016, it was down for 5 years]. Your writers are: Steve (Australian spanking lover), Luiza (submissive to the core)Lady Layne , and Chris (current curator).

By applying the principles we lay out in this book, you will improve your sex life and relationship, have a more satisfied partner, and make your relationship much stronger. You grow with the journey!


No more having unsatisfied evenings. Spanking is a sexy element for any relationship, and we don’t exclusively focus on male-to-female spanking.

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To promote all kinds of spankings!

This book contains on 280 pages the collected wisdom of three ‘practitioners’ with over 10 years experience each.

There first chapter explains the lifestyle, introduces it and helps you to understand why many women LOVE spanking.
Then, we discuss both BDSM and Domestic submission, and answer lifestyle related questions, such as:

  • Do you just deny your fetish?
  • Do you think it’s possible to convert a vanilla?
  • Can someone ”learn” to love this or do they need to be born with the kink in order to really be into it?

These were just some examples.
And we also quote several experiences people we know had how they ‘converted’ their partner. This will help you !
Next, we discuss in detail descriptions the spankees and spankers – how they feel, what they want, etc.
Chapter five, finally, leads to the spanker lifestyle. For example:

  • How will the first spanking be?
  • What do you need to know?
  • What is power exchange,
  • how can BBW-s enjoy a spanking,
  • and what is the Spankoz Spanking Plan?

Next up, the details in the spankings lifestyle: a description of available tools, locations, and positions – spice up your spanking (sex) life !
Finally, the last chapter answers the more less frequent questions- for example:

  • How to attend a spanking party – spanking noises,
  • and how to make spankings more intense!

Each chapter contains valuable tips and habits that can be applied to your life.
Your partner will love it.
Spanking is a great, liberating thing, when done correctly.

Find out how to live life on your terms by applying the tips in the Spanking Guide to your life today.


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