This is what my wife said to some friends recently…

“He liked it before I met him, so it wasn’t too hard. It’s not a submissive thing for him – he can still tell me what do, naked and bent over and bruised. But he likes the pain.”


That’s pretty much accurate. I’m thinking out a post on why I like spanking as a top, and that will probably end up being a much more introspective and intellectual post.

But the question of why I like being spanked does basically come down to enjoying the pain.

“Pain” may not be the best word for it. I’m really not into pain itself, so I prefer the word “sensation”. I enjoy the sensation of a spanking, which yes, is painful, but I don’t like most other types of pain.

Pain can certainly be an, if not enjoyable, at least tolerable side-effect of various activities. I played football in high school and had my share of pain there (some of it less tolerable than the rest). I used to lift weights and go bike riding (both the mountain and road varieties) and there was always an aspect of pain there towards the end as a reminder that I’d pushed myself hard enough. And with firefighting, pain occasionally works its way into the picture after a particularly grueling incident or training exercise (though thankfully not from injury for me yet).

The feeling of being spanked is unique to other types of pain. In some ways, it is similar to the pain one feels while forcing out that last rep while bench pressing or pushing yourself for the last mile of a long bike ride. That’s the mental part, almost like a challenge to overcome.

More than that though, I do enjoy the specific type of pain that a spanking elicits, particularly if its a long, slowly-building one. I don’t enjoy the hard, fast variety nearly as much. The slower type allows me to “get used to it” more gradually and focus on the sensation. A nice, hot burn is enjoyable. It stimulates the my nerves and makes me feel alive. It also stimulates other nerves that can lead to other enjoyable activities.

I think the best example I can come up with is that it is like eating spicy food, something else I like to indulge in.

Being spanked adds a certain spice to life for me.

It is difficult to describe why I enjoy the sensation…I’m not sure I really know. Its hard to even pinpoint when I began enjoying it. I was spanked as a child (not severely, but one or two whacks with a wooden paddle) and I definitely didn’t enjoy those. Sometime during my teen years, however, after I’d begun fantasizing about giving spankings, part of me decided I wanted to see what it felt like again.

One day, while my family was swimming in our pool, I came in first (as I usually did) and went upstairs to my room. As I took off my wet trunks, I happened to glance at a wooden board I had in my room. It was actually a piece of plywood that was cut to about 8 inches across and 2 to 3 feet long with the edges taped, and I’d played with it as a kid, making bridges and such for my toy trucks. Standing there with a cold bare butt and seeing that gave me an idea. Glancing outside to make sure the rest of the family was still around the pool, I reached back and smacked my butt with the board. It stung, but suddenly, the sting was something more enjoyable than it had been a few years earlier.

I don’t even remember how many times I smacked myself with that board, but it was enough to redden my skin, sting hotly and *ahem* affect a certain other part of my body. It was then that I truly realized that a spanking could be enjoyable, and suddenly my fantasies about spanking someone else seemed more acceptable, so long as the recipient was willing and enjoying herself.

I tried it a few more times later, but it never was quite the same as that first time. I think I was embarrassed about spanking myself later when it was more premeditated, while that first time was just a spur of the moment experiment.

As an adult, I’ve had the opportunity to be spanked a few times, primarily by Sparkle but also by a couple of other women. Other than with one playmate, I think I’ve viewed being spanked in a much different context than my counterpart did when I spanked her. I know Sparkle focuses much more on the mental aspect than the sensation, and I think its been the same with a couple of the others. And even for me, giving a spanking gets into a whole different area of my head than receiving one does, and that’s what I’ll explore next time.