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Reviewing the Lacewood Paddle

  Satinwood Paddles is a company that I wasn’t familiar with until we attended the party. As I’ve mentioned before, we haven’t bought many implements over the past few years and most of the contents of our toybag are older than our marriage. Satinwood had the table next to The London Tanners at the vendor…… Continue reading Reviewing the Lacewood Paddle

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Review Of Our Essential Implements

I’ll start off with the two fine implements we purchased from The London Tanners. First off, we spent a fair amount of time over the party weekend getting to know Ian, the gentleman better known as The London Tanner. He was one of the first people I was introduced to at the party, though at first…… Continue reading Review Of Our Essential Implements

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A Punishment For Lack Of Attention

Sparkle spent yesterday at the beach with two girlfriends (both spankos…you may be able to guess which ones) and the baby. Sparkle, always the good mommy, was very careful to ensure that our princess had plenty of sunscreen on, plus a hat, to protect against the California sun. Unfortunately, she wasn’t quite so careful with…… Continue reading A Punishment For Lack Of Attention

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What Is The Difference Between Punishment And Play Spankings?

There was a discussion with fellow spankers recently, and my wife commented: “For a few days, we’ve also been pondering individually and together the complex phenomenon of a ‘very good girl’ who craves discipline. Even Chris says that he thinks I am exceptionally good.”   Even so, every so often something comes up that does…… Continue reading What Is The Difference Between Punishment And Play Spankings?

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Kink In The 41st Century

Bear with me, I’ve got to lay a little groundwork here, but this post does get into some items of interest to most of my readers…eventually. I’m a big fan of David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. Honestly, its probably my absolute favorite science fiction series of all time, though its probably better described as “space opera” than true…… Continue reading Kink In The 41st Century