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Spanking exercises – the list

Spanking Exercises – the list Always have regard for your physical limits when engaging in spanking play or exercise and seek proper advice if you have physical problems such as heart disease or back problems. Set No. 1 BEGINNING POSITION FOR SEQUENCE A-24 slow smooth leg lifts in perfect alignment Linear alignment is very important.… Continue reading Spanking exercises – the list

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Outdoor spanking

The great outdoors provides many spanking opportunities and a chance to vary your routine. ( Messing Around) It is a place for spontaneous spanking. This is another page in the Spankoz Spanking Location Series. Our  KITCHEN SPANKING  page has proved to be a very popular page. We have also added BATHROOM SPANKING , CAR SPANKING ,  POOL AND SPA SPANKING … Continue reading Outdoor spanking

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Why do I like spanking?

Q: Why do some people like spanking? Is there something wrong with them? Why do some people get sexually aroused just fantasizing about spanking and the accompanying role-playing games in office situations, parent/child or student/teacher scenarios ? What does this all mean? A: Many people who like spanking as part of their sexual play have… Continue reading Why do I like spanking?

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How hormones affect spanking

Below are several reproduced articles and links to other pages dealing with relatively recent research on the effects of hormones upon the brain and spanking( or other physical activity). The ” bottom ” line is that we can receive a powerful ” high ” through spanking( both giving and receiving) akin to the well known… Continue reading How hormones affect spanking