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What Is The Difference Between Punishment And Play Spankings?

There was a discussion with fellow spankers recently, and my wife commented: “For a few days, we’ve also been pondering individually and together the complex phenomenon of a ‘very good girl’ who craves discipline. Even Chris says that he thinks I am exceptionally good.”   Even so, every so often something comes up that does…… Continue reading What Is The Difference Between Punishment And Play Spankings?

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Kink In The 41st Century

Bear with me, I’ve got to lay a little groundwork here, but this post does get into some items of interest to most of my readers…eventually. I’m a big fan of David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. Honestly, its probably my absolute favorite science fiction series of all time, though its probably better described as “space opera” than true…… Continue reading Kink In The 41st Century


Should You Spank Your Woman When You’re In An Emotional State?

This, I think, has been one of the major stumbling blocks (though not necessarily always in a bad way) in my being a disciplinarian. I don’t react well to bratty behavior, or rather, I don’t react as one would expect a spanko to react. When confronted with true brattiness, I tend to get annoyed, angry…… Continue reading Should You Spank Your Woman When You’re In An Emotional State?

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A Valentine’s Day Spanking For My Woman

I know it’s been awhile since my last post. Life’s been busy the past couple of weeks, including a business trip in a hotel with terrible wireless internet service. Last month, while summarizing her 17th reassurance spanking, Sparkle wrote the following: “Side note: Of the paddles at Adam & Gillians, the one we don’t have that I’d most…… Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Spanking For My Woman

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Is there A Spanking Ceremony?

I mentioned in my last entry that I’m not a great fan of ceremony, particularly when it comes to spanking. I think I’d go crazy in a relationship where there was a daily/weekly/monthly/whatever “accounting” of misdeeds that followed the same pattern. It works for some people, including some good friends of mine, and there’s nothing wrong with…… Continue reading Is there A Spanking Ceremony?

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A little more about me

So here’s the mundane (and maybe not-so-mundane) about me. I’m a 30 year old guy with a deep interest in spanking. I’m primarily a top, but I do switch occasionally. I’ve been married for a bit over 5 years to a wonderful woman who’s known throughout the online spanking scene as “Sparkle”. She and I…… Continue reading A little more about me