Well, I got back earlier than I expected today, even though it did entail getting up at 5 AM to load our gear. Don’t really want to go into too much detail, but was an interesting weekend. And I now remember just how sore (and not in a good way) one gets sleeping on a military cot. I use the term “sleeping” loosely however, since aircraft were taxiing past our billet at 2 AM every night. Its times like this that I really appreciate what our men and women in uniform go through…and appreciate the fact that the uniform I wear doesn’t usually involve that.

I’d planned on thinking up and writing something new and exciting tomorrow, but unfortunately I’ll have a co-worker at the house with me all day, so it’ll have to wait until the evening at the earliest.

In the meantime, here’s a pic of our latest implements.


As she pointed out, the ruler is just for scale. We don’t play with metal (except for handcuffs and bondage hardware, of course).