Unlike some of my other stories, this one was actually based on real-life events…to a certain degree at least. It was written just after a parade, which I had attended with several friends from high school.

One of my friends, who was basically the organizer of the event, was there with his then-girlfriend/future-fiance. She was something of a spoiled brat, but not the fun type that I made Debbie out to be.

Some of the events in the story come straight from her actions that day, though the final straw in the real event was her playing touch football in the street with a group of drunk guys (that none of us knew) that night. My friend had been growing more and more tired of her actions all day, and that was the end. He basically took her inside after that to talk, and while my fantasy was that he’d soundly spank her for her behavior, he didn’t and they spent the rest of the night inside arguing. The next morning, they were somewhat made-up, but it was still tense.

I think a spanking would have done her a world of good, but that’s just me.

In any event, their subsequent engagement didn’t last long (I think he found out she was cheating on him), which was good for him in the long run since he’s now married to a wonderful woman who does have a fun streak of mischievousness, as opposed to the outright brattiness of his former girlfriend.

And no, I don’t have red hair.



Marc and Debbie at the Rose Parade

Marc and Debbie were hopelessly in love. They had started dating during high school and their romance had endured into their second year of college at UC Berkeley, where Debbie studied Architecture and Marc studied Business. Marc was 6’2 with curly blond hair, while Debbie was 5’8 with short blond hair. Both worked out at a local gym and looked the couple. However, Marc and Debbie were distinctly different personalities. Marc was calm, logical, seldom doing anything on impulse. His father had been a US Marine, and Marc had inherited many of his traits. Debbie, on the other hand, was a whirlwind of energy. She was always acting impulsively, and on many occasions, got in trouble, which is what had attracted Marc in the first place. Marc enjoyed having girlfriend who was a foil to his on logical self. But he also often became exasperated with Debbie’s hijinks, like the time she had locked him out of his car in the middle of a rainstorm, laughing at him from the other side of the window. When she had finally let him in 5 minutes later, Marc was thoroughly soaked and thoroughly pissed. He hadn’t talked to her the whole way home. Later that evening, with tears in her eyes, Debbie had apologized profusely and begged Marc not to be mad at her. Marc had accepted her apology, but had promised her that the next time, she would not get off so easily

Because of their busy schedules (Marc also worked part-time in the bookstore), the couple tried to spend as much time together as possible, especially during breaks. Both were Bay Area natives, and shared an apartment near campus. As a result, they were able to go to their parents homes for Christmas, but still return to each other after the holiday.

Marc and Debbie were snuggling on the couch watching All of Me when the telephone rang. Debbie reached over and picked up the handset.

“Hello. Hey Chris!” Chris was an old friend of Marc and Debbie’s who had gone to USC after graduating from Fremont Preparatory with them. He now had a small house in Pasadena which he shared with his girlfriend and another couple from USC.

Debbie listened for a couple of minutes, and then cupped her hand over the receiver. “Marc, Chris wants to know if we want to come down to his place for New Years, to watch the Rose Parade.”

Marc thought for a minute. “Sure, why not. Want to?”

“Sounds good to me.” Debbie lifted her hand from the receiver. “All right Chris. We’ll be there. When?” Debbie looked at Marc, who mouthed Saturday. “We’ll be there Saturday, Chris. Hmm? Ok, just a minute.” Debbie picked up a pencil and paper and wrote the directions to Chris’ house. “OK, see you then, Chris.”

On Friday morning, Marc and Debbie packed their bags and sleeping bags into Debbie’s ’91 Bronco. Marc climbed behind the wheel, and they were off for Pasadena.

Late that evening, a very tired Marc and Debbie pulled into Chris’ driveway on Sierra Madre Blvd. Chris, a tall redhead, came out the front door to welcome his two old friends.

“Debbie! Marc! Good to see you. Have a nice trip.”

“Nine hours in a car with him,” laughed Debbie as she hugged Chris. “Sure great fun.”

“Oh, hush up,” said Marc and swatted his girlfriend on her jean-clad rear. Debbie gave Marc a pout, but her eyes twinkled.

Well, I see you two are playful as ever,” said Chris. “Come on, let’s get you guys set up inside. I’m sure your ready for some rest.”

Chris led the couple into his house and directed them to the den, where he had laid out a futon for them to sleep on. Marc and Debbie immediately got ready for bed, and after a bit of fun, fell asleep.

The next morning after they had awaken at the ungodly hour of 11 AM, Chris announced to his two friends that he was having a small New Year’s party that evening. Because the First was on a Sunday this year, the Parade wouldn’t be until the Second, so everybody could ring in 1995 without having to worry about saving parade seats. And, Chris had already laid out a spot in the center boulevard for the group. They would go out early Sunday morning and wait until the Pasadena Police allowed them to set up camp at noon.

That evening, several of Chris, Marlene (his girlfriend), Tom, and Sheryl’s (his housemates) friends showed up for the party. And a wild party it was. By the end of the evening, everybody except Marc, who only had a couple of beers, was stone cold drunk. Even Debbie, much to Marc’s chagrin, imbibed in the liquid celebration to excess and passed out on the living room couch..

The following morning, Marc awoke around 7, dressed, and walked out to the center of Sierra Madre Blvd. to save the group’s seats. No one else in the house was in much of a condition to wake that early, leaving Marc by himself, and slightly annoyed. He had hoped that Debbie would come out with him to keep him company, but when he had tried to wake her, she had simply mumbled and fallen back asleep.

Around 10, after Marc had been talking to the family from Houston camping next to his group for an hour, Debbie came out of the house and crossed the street. She hugged her boyfriend. “Morning, honey.”

“Well, look who finally woke up.” said Marc.

“Shhh. Not so loud.”

“A little hung over, dear? You shouldn’t have had so much last night.” said Marc with a slight frown. With an ex-alcoholic uncle, Marc was a bit intolerant of people who over drank, including his girlfriend.

“Don’t get in a huff, Marc. I just had a few drinks. No harm done.”

Marc shook his head and dismissed the subject, not wanting to get into an argument here in the middle of the crowd.

Shortly after, the police stopped asking people to not set up their camps, so Marc went to the house to get the gear. Chris and most of the others had waken, and with their help, the camp in the middle of the boulevard was set up in a few minutes.

As the group sat in the grassy strip watching the cars and trading stories from high school and college, the day moved on. After a couple of hours, Chris, Marlene, and Sheryl returned to the house to get food for lunch, leaving Tom, Marc, and Debbie to watch the spot. Debbie, who was growing bored, picked up the bag of marshmallows that Chris had brought to roast that evening. She opened the bag and began throwing marshmallows at passing cars. Marc was just about to say something when Debbie turned and started pelting the group next to them with marshmallows. The group, composed of high school students, responded in kind, and soon the Marshmallow War was in progress.

“Debbie!,” hissed Marc, “stop it! Your embarrassing us.”

Debbie looked at her boyfriend and said with a smile, “Lighten up and have some fun, hon.” But, she put down the marshmallows, which were fairly well exhausted, anyway, and resumed watching passing cars. With their opponent no longer attacking, the high school kids in the next spot stopped their attacks and resumed the football game they had been playing.

Chris and the others returned with the lunch food, and everybody ate their sandwiches. Afterward, the respective couples paired off. Marc and Debbie sat on a sleeping bag cuddling, until Debbie turned and pinned Marc to the bag and started tickling him. Marc was incredibly ticklish on his sides, which Debbie knew, and he was soon rolling defenseless, laughing and crying at the same time. Finally, Marc begged Debbie to stop, but she continued to tickle.

“Debbie!” said Marc between gasps, with tears streaming down his cheeks, “Stop! I can’t breathe.” Debbie finally stopped and rolled off her boyfriend, who lay panting. “You don’t know when to stop, do you? asked Marc.”

“I’m sorry, babe. I guess I just got carried away.” Debbie leaned over and kissed her boyfriend on the forehead. “Catch me.”

Debbie jumped up and ran across the spot. While looking back at Marc, who still lay panting on the ground, Debbie caught her toe on the edge of the tarp spread out on the ground and pitched forward into the barbecue Chris had set up, toppling it and spilling charcoal into Sheryl’s lap and onto the ground. Marc jumped up and went to his girlfriend, who lay sprawled on top of the barbecue.

“Are you OK, Deb?” Marc asked, with genuine concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Oh Sheryl! Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” blurted Debbie when she saw her sitting their with a pile of charcoal in her lap.

“Don’t worry about it Deb,” said Sheryl, scooping the charcoal off her lap and back into the barbecue which Tom had set back upright. She stood and brushed the dust off her shirt and pants. “But, I’m going to go put on a clean shirt.” Sheryl’s white T-shirt was black with charcoal. As Sheryl walked to the house, Marc knelt and began scooping charcoal back into the barbecue.

“Debbie, your lucky that we didn’t have a fire lit. Otherwise, we’d be calling an ambulance right now.” Debbie bowed her head in shame at her boyfriend’s rebuke and turned away, sitting down and sobbing softly.

Marc walked over to his sobbing girlfriend and knelt down next to her, putting his arm around her shoulder. “Come on, babe. It’s OK. Just calm down, OK?” Debbie looked up and Marc and said, “OK, hon. I’m going to take a little walk.” With that, Debbie stood up and walked off down the grassy strip.

An hour later, as the sun began to set, Marc sat wondering when Debbie would return. He hadn’t thought she’d be this long. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice from his side.

“Hey Marc!”

Marc turned to look at his girlfriend, and as a result, received a face full of Silly String. The green foam covered his face, and Marc sputtered “What the…” as he reached up to wipe his face. As he wiped away the Silly String, he saw Debbie standing 5 feet away aiming the can at him. She then turned and took aim at Chris, who was standing with his back to the street. But Chris had seen Marc ambushed, and ducked down as Debbie sprayed the Silly String.

However the string still found a target. Instead of hitting Chris, it hit the face of an LA County Deputy Sheriff who was walking along the street with his partner, a female Pasadena Police Officer. When Debbie saw who she had hit with the Silly String, she dropped the can and covered her mouth with both hands. Marc looked at his Debbie, who was incredibly embarrassed, and yet trying to keep from laughing, and then at the Deputy. The Deputy turned and looked at the group, and the young girl who had sprayed him.

Marc stepped forward and said, “Sir, I’m very sorry about this. She was trying to spray our friend and…”

The Deputy raised his hand, wiping away the Silly String. “Don’t worry about it. It’s better than some of the stuff we get thrown at us. But Ma’am, please be more careful about who you spray that at.” Debbie nodded quickly, and the Deputy continued walking with his now laughing partner

Marc turned and walked to Debbie. He put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Come on Deb. We have to have a little talk. With that, Marc strode across the street to Chris’ house, stopping to get the keys from Chris, with his girlfriend following close behind

When they reached the house, Marc opened the door and stepped aside to let Debbie in. Marc closed the door and turned to face his red-faced girlfriend.

“What the Hell is the matter with you, Debbie? You’ve been acting like a child all day. You start a marshmallow fight, you nearly asphyxiate me, you dump a barbecue in Sheryl’s lap, and you spray a Sheriff with Silly String. What are you thinking?”

“I don’t know,” said Debbie softly, her eyes downcast. “I was just trying to have some fun, and I guess I got carried away. I’m sorry, hon.”

“Don’t you ‘hon’ me. Carried away?!? That’s a bit of an understatement. You’ve been acting like a spoiled brat!”

“I said I was sorry,” said Debbie. “What more do you want me to say?”

“I don’t want you to say anything. Remember what I told you when you locked me out of the car in the rain?”

“You didn’t say much. You were pretty steamed.”

“I’m not joking, Debbie. What did I tell you?” said Marc with a scowl.

“You said I wouldn’t get off that easy next time.” said Debbie, her face beet red.

“That’s right. I think it’s high time you learned a lesson. I think you need a good spanking for acting like such a little brat.”

Debbie looked at Marc, here eyes wide. “What?!? Please Marc! Please don’t spank me. I promise, I’ll be good from now on. I said I was sorry.”

Marc looked into his girlfriends eyes. “That’s not good enough, Deb. Either you take your punishment like a big girl, or you’re going to stay here in the house until we leave. I won’t have you embarrassing me, or Chris, or Tom, or Sheryl again. Well, what’s it going to be?”

Debbie scowled at Marc, but withered under his gaze and dropped her eyes. In a whisper, she said, “Your right, Marc. I have been acting like a brat. I’m sorry. I deserve to be spanked for embarrassing you and the others.”

“OK, then.” Marc stepped to Debbie and embraced her. “This is for your own good. You going to get into serious trouble one of the days if you don’t learn to control yourself.

“I know honey. Let’s get this over with.”

Marc took Debbie by the wrist and led her to the couch. Marc sat down on the edge and looked up at Debbie.

“All right, Deb. Take your jeans down.” Debbie slowly unfastened her button and zipper, and wiggled out of the tight denim. She was now standing next to her boyfriend wearing only a pair of tight white briefs, with small rosebuds on them.

“You know what to do, Deb.” Debbie nodded, and kneeled next to Marc, laying forward across his lap. Marc looked down at Debbie’s butt presented to him in the tight panties. He had fantasized about seeing her in this position, but had always been afraid to bring up his fantasies with her. But this wasn’t about a fantasy, this was to teach Debbie a lesson. Still, it was strangely arousing to see his girlfriend’s ass ready to be spanked.

Marc took hold of the waistband on Debbie’s panties and slowly pulled them down, until they rested in the middle of her thighs. Debbie’s butt was tan and smooth. He had given her a tanning table for Christmas the year before, and Debbie tanned in the nude to get that all over tan. Marc laid his hand on her bottom and caressed it lightly.


“Uh huh.” said Debbie, here voice shaky.

WHACK!! Marc brought his open palm down onto Debbie’s bottom. Debbie yelped slightly. She had not been spanked since her father had caught her and a girlfriend smoking in the sixth grade. And her father hadn’t spanked nearly as hard as Marc now was. Debbie began to regret having such an athletic boyfriend.

WHACK!! Marc brought his hand down again. WHACK!! And again. WHACK!! And again. Debbie twisted and moaned under Marc’s onslaught of spanks. She could feel the fiery sting each time he brought his hand down. Marc’s hands were calloused and tough from moving boxes in the bookstore, and Debbie knew he wouldn’t tire until she had learned her lesson.

Marc continued to spank Debbie at a steady pace, watching her butt bounce under the impact of his hand. As he rained down spank after spank, Debbie’s cheeks began to redden. Marc could feel himself harden at the sight of Debbie’s rapidly reddening butt, but tried to force aside the thoughts he was having.

After five minutes of the spanking, Debbie began to beg for Marc to stop, saying she was sorry, that she’d never act like a brat again.

After ten minutes, Debbie had stopped begging and was crying profusely. Her rump was now a bright shade of red, and Marc’s spanks were not lessening in intensity. And yet, she could feel herself becoming aroused. The fire in her butt was somehow transferring to a tingling between her legs. She desperately wanted Marc to stop slapping her ass, and yet, she didn’t.

After fifteen minutes of hard spanking, Marc stopped. Debbie lay crying on her boyfriend’s lap. Marc looked down at Debbie’s now bright-red bottom. Marc reached down and started rubbing her butt lightly.

“Oh Marc, I’m sooo sorry. I’ll never be such a brat again.” said Debbie, with tears in her eyes.

“I know babe. But we’re not done yet.”

“Oh God, Marc. What else?” sobbed Debbie.

“I have to make absolutely sure you learned your lesson. Stand up, Deb.”

Debbie slowly, painfully stood up from Marc’s lap. Marc also stood and motioned to the back of the couch. “Deb, go lean over the back of the couch. I’ll be back in a minute.” With that, Marc left the room.

Debbie slowly walked to the back of the couch. She had a pretty good idea about what was going to happen next, but didn’t want to think about it. Her butt had never been so sore. Her father had rarely spanked her, even though she had often deserved it, and he had always been fairly gentle. Debbie leaned over the back of the couch and waited for Marc to return. She was surprised at how she felt towards him right now. She expected herself to be angry, and yet, she felt extreme love for him instead.

A moment later, Marc returned, carrying Chris’ fraternity paddle. Chris had rushed Zeta Beta Tau, ZBT, his first semester, and still had his paddle hanging on the wall, which Marc had noticed the night before. Debbie moaned when she saw Marc carrying the heavy paddle.

“Oh, Marc! Please, please don’t paddle me too hard. I’ll be good, I promise. I’m really sorry.”

“I know, Debbie. This is just to make sure. I think 5 whacks will be enough, don’t you?”

“Yes, Marc.” said Debbie, softly. She didn’t want to think about what the paddling would feel like, especially after the spanking she had just received. Debbie could imagine her buns feeling like she had sat on a hot stove.

Marc stepped up next to his girlfriend. He immediately brought the paddle back and let it fly against Debbie’s raised bottom.


Marc brought the paddle down again, not giving Debbie a chance to think about it too much. Debbie yelped again. And again as he brought the paddle down the third time. And the fourth time, and the fifth time.

When the paddling was done, Marc set the paddle aside and helped his sobbing girlfriend to her feet. He turned her towards him and wrapped his arms around her. Marc held Debbie as she sobbed. After a couple of minutes, he lifted her head and kissed her.

“Do you want to rest in here for awhile?”

“No,” she said, “I think I should go apologize to Chris, Sheryl, Marlene, and Tom.” Debbie glanced ruefully at her jeans, which lay on the coffee table. “But there’s no way I’m getting those jeans on right now.” she said, with a small grin.

The next day, Debbie enjoyed the parade, lying on her stomach on her sleeping bag.

The End