As I mentioned earlier, I find some interesting blogs linked to me from looking at the data.

Two of the more surprising ones are (or in one case, were) blogs written in other languages.

The first that I noticed was one called El Despacho del Spanker, written by a young man in Madrid, Spain and originally written entirely in Spanish. He has me linked as “The Spanker Fireman”, or in Spanish, “El Bombero Spanker”. I noticed today that he also does intersperse some English into his blog (read the post about how and why he learned English) and has also started a parallel, English language blog titled The Spanker’s Office.

The second one I see fairly consistently on my stats is called strenger Lehrer and is written in German. by a guy in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. While I understand very little German, he finds some very interesting pictures, usually drawings, to post.

So, for the links, gracias and danke schön.