Shortly before Christmas (during the in-law visit), I went to dinner at a local BBQ joint with a fellow firefighter. One of the fixtures of this particular restaurant is a dispenser for various advertisement postcards right outside the men’s room.

This dispenser has proven interesting over the years. Its how I first learned about the movie Secretary, when there were postcard-sized versions of the (spanko) infamous movie poster with the tag line “Assume the position”. I still have one of those cards floating around somewhere, in fact. Its had underwear ads with rather suggestive poses. And its had a bunch of junk too.

This time, as my friend and I went to wash our hands before dinner (having come from the fire station), he said, “Oh, you’ve got to see these.”

These turned out to be postcards with actual self-adhesive Perrier bottle labels with various emotions (all ending in “-ier”) in place of the “Perrier”. Happier, Peppier, etc. The labels are the same size as the actual bottle labels and are distributed by Perrier as a gimmick to customize your Perrier bottle.

Of course, this is the one I had to pick up.

Only thing that would have been better would be “Naughtier” or “Brattier”.

Happy New Year everyone!