After posting the pictures of her “naughty” panties two weeks ago, Sparkle cryptically and teasingly mentioned to me that there would probably be another opportunity for a photo shoot in the near future. Well, right before I left on my business trip last week, she surprised me with an early Christmas present .


That’s my darling wife wearing the new school uniform she bought from Lands End. When it arrived, she came into my office and asked me if I wanted an early present, to which I replied yes. She disappeared and came back a few minutes later wearing this.

My jaw doesn’t often drop, but it certainly did this time.

I’ve had a schoolgirl uniform fetish for at least as long as I’ve been into spanking. I actually went to an elementary school that had uniforms similar to this, and I’ve always enjoyed the look. I’ve even gotten to role play a couple of times with playmates who had uniforms.

But never with Sparkle…until now.

She’s known about the fantasy, but for reasons I won’t go into here, hasn’t wanted to explore it. That’s been fine with me, and I’ve never pushed it, because I understood and respected her reasons, and frankly, role play has never been a big part of our kink life.

So, it was even more surprising to see her in a school uniform at long last. She quickly said that she still didn’t want to role play as a school girl per se, but that she was happy to at least offer the visual aspect.

For those who want the particulars, the uniform consists of the Short SleevePerformance Mesh Polo in white, the Drifter Vest in red and the Solid Pleat Skirt in khaki.

The socks were purchased elsewhere and the loafers are ones she’s had for awhile.

Now, you might say that Sparkle was a tease to buy and model this uniform for me right before I had to leave town for a week, and you’d be right.

You’d also be right to say she was a tease to put it on as soon as we got home from church Sunday morning, and wear it all day while I was not able to do anything about it until the princess went to bed.

Which she did.

And once the princess was in bed, I did something about it.


These pictures were taken at the beginning of a rather extended modeling and spanking session that ended with Sparkle being soundly paddled with the heavy oak paddle we have. Or rather, the “playful punishment” for her teasing ended with that, though she was paddled quite a bit more with several other implements after “playful punishment” turned to “sexual play”.

The camera was put away for this last part, though I do have a few naughtier pictures that I’ll post tomorrow from the modeling and some of the spanking.

Until then, enjoy! I know I did.