I’ve been toying with several things to write here, and have several half written in my head. Good news in that is that there’s plenty of blog material in the pipeline.

As for what to write first, I had a hard time deciding, so I decided to take my wife’s lead and tease Iris. So here’s my responses to her original list of reasons to spank Iris.

1. Iris got out of the line to go play outside while playing (pre-)school with the princess. (The princess was the teacher.) Any excuse is a good excuse for spanking Iris.

As we all know regarding our daughter, the old saying of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” seems to hold true. And Iris rather does enjoy challenging authority.

2. Iris needs discipline … in all its connotations “subtleties”. (In other words, she needs spanked for making me want to laugh at the most inappropriate times ever!)

Oh yes, several of us who were present for this particular situation had a hard time not falling out of our seats laughing at a very inappropriate time. Not to mention the quite “interesting” position she was in at the time.

3. Iris has fabulous new red shoes. They are definitely shoes to get a spanking in. Any excuse is a good excuse for spanking Iris.

Umm, yes. Very nice red shoes that looked very nice with a certain red dress that truly needed a red bottom underneath it.

4. Intentionally or accidentally, Iris has a habit of saying aloud to me, just as Chris comes within hearing range, little things like, “You shouldn’t let your conscience bother you about things like that.” Sheesh.

I have heard this several times. My first question is always whether I should spank Sparkle, or Iris. My decision usually is…both of them. Is this a surprise?

5. Iris was with me for the legendary sunburn incident, in case anyone’s forgotten. Chris hasn’t. Any excuse is a good excuse for spanking Iris.

I most certainly haven’t. Iris should consider herself lucky that she and I didn’t have a punishment arrangement at that point. As Sparkle can attest, there was little difference in color between her sunburned skin and her backside after I got through with her. And I’m not even sure Iris realizes how close she was to being pulled across my lap that evening regardless of any arrangements we didn’t have in place.

6. When Iris dances in public with the princess, Chris looks vastly overwhelmed as he struggles to watch his daughter and not just stare in fascination at Iris’s especially cute backside wiggling.

My daughter is exceptionally cute, and even more so when she dances, so I certainly do enjoy watching that. However, Iris’ backside is also exceptionally cute and I certainly do enjoy watching it as well.

7. I think Iris is responsible for bringing an ebony hairbrush into my house. Really, we didn’t need that. Any excuse is a good excuse for spanking Iris.

She most certainly is. However, that particular brush has been applied to Iris’ bottom much more frequently than Sparkle’s, so I’m not sure what she’s complaining about. Especially now that said brush is on extended loan to someone else who will be applying it to Iris’ bottom when needed.

8. Iris was with the princess when the princess learned how to toast “Cheers!” in bars.

Very true, though toasting with milk isn’t nearly as insidious as it sounds. But then again, the princess does know the bartender at a certain restaurant by name and asks of him whenever we go there.

9. Iris is especially lovely when she’s getting spanked. I know that’s not a surprise – but it had to be said.

Not much I can add to that except: true…very true.

10. Iris taught the princess to say, “Are we there yet?” from the back seat of my car.


Iris’ backside will be paying for that transgression for a long time to come…especially since it’s a rather lengthy car-trip down to visit her.

Having seen Iris’ reaction to the original list, I can’t wait to see what happens now.