I found this clip while surfing through Vidmax, one of those humorous video hosting sites, over the weekend. Then today, I saw the real thing; well, almost.

I’d never even heard of the cable show this clip’s from until I did a Yahoo! search after watching it. Apparently, it was featured in the premiere episode of Rad Girls, a short-lived show on the Fuse TV network that Wikipedia describes as “a female version of MTV’s Jackass.” Looking at most of the stunts, I can see why it was short-lived, but this clip is rather fun. I especially like the part at the beginning where the one gal shows the multiple layers of panties she’s wearing for protection…a trick many a spanko has tried.
Now onto the real-world correlation.

This afternoon, I was doing my normal after-work workout. Because it was such a nice day, I cut short my cardio workout in the gym and headed outside to jog around the adjacent track.

Not sure why, but on a whim I decided to head down a trail that leads to another field below the track. I’m glad I did.

As I got in view of the lower field, I saw that a women’s soccer team (collegiate or club, not sure) was having a practice. Specifically, they were practicing kicking goals.

And, apparently, the punishment for missing a goal in this particular drill was to go and stand along the goal line, bent over with your soccer-short clad backside facing the your teammates as a target. And, as more players missed goals, more backsides filled the goal, decreasing the empty space and increasing the chances of a hit. As near as I can tell, one had to stay in the goal until one’s backside was hit. Judging by the uproarious cheering whenever this happened and the giggles from the “target”, this was a rather popular drill.

The (female) coach’s statements of “OK, you know what to do.” and “Take your position.” when a player missed a goal were rather nice too.

I didn’t stay and watch too long…after all, I was rather conspicuous on the hillside and didn’t want to have to explain why I was so interested in watching this particular drill. Still, it was a cheery end to the day.