To promote all kinds of spanking

Spankoz Spanking plan

This Plan is being evolved, in part, as an update of the SPENCER SPANKING PLAN, which is now 70 years old. There are some conceptual differences in the way in which we have approached our plan. We have therefore chosen a new title but still freely acknowledge the debt that is owed to Dr. Spencer.

These Plans are for couples, if you are looking for someone to partner you in a plan, well your first task is to find him / her. ( Even Mrs Beeton’s famous chicken recipe starts of with ” First catch your chicken “. )


[The Spanko Plan was moved over to SpankingLife after Steve’s decision to continue from there. You can find it here. Chris]


Love spanking and more.

Domestic submission

A girl's quest for satisfaction!


Join us in our journey to a full time BDSM relationship.


To promote all kinds of spanking

Hermione's Heart

To promote all kinds of spanking

Heart and Soul

To promote all kinds of spanking

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