Dear Friends, Readers, Fans,


first of all: thanks for the time with you!

I regularly had 1000 views per day on the blog, so I believe people wanted to read my views on Spankings (as well as Luiza’s).

It turns out, however, that my IT guy made a really dumb error and as a result, the website has various problems. [Update December 16: solved!!!]

I’m not an IT guy, so I decided to move the entire blog to a new domain:



I will upload the old posts there and will gradually rebuild Spankozblog there.

Thanks for the time!

The big news is … Spankozblog is back!

New articles can be found at the homepage ( ) – we had to delete and reload the entire database, and given that the new blog is already up, I gave this blog to an old friend of mine, who will continue writing here.

There will be an introduction shortly.

Thanks !