What is a spankpack (other than a word that we invented)? It is a collection of implements and other things that might be useful to have with you when spanking. This collection may be housed in a plastic bag or suitcase. It can be a few discrete things to travel with or to wear. A spankpack can be kept in your car, under the bed or wherever it is readily available.


Unfortunately, I had to move the entire blog due to a technical hiccup. (read more here:

The entire blog has moved!)

That’s why I moved all posts to my new blog: read more here:


But the big news is … Spankozblog is back!

New articles can be found at the homepage (spankozblog.com ) – we had to delete and reload the entire database, and given that the new blog is already up, I gave this blog to an old friend of mine, who will continue writing here.

Thanks !