My wife and I have been engaging in what she terms an “experiment” (I prefer to think of it as a game) where she gets spanked if she does not do something naughty at least once a day for a week. And as she says in her blog, “in our house, ‘naughty’ is a euphemism for slutty – not for misbehaving.”

We’re on day three of this game, and tonight at dinner, she told me what her naughty plan was for today.

In her words: “I’m going to make you drop your pants and bend over the end of the bed.”

I have to say, I was rather pleasantly surprised, both by the unique “naughtiness” she came up with and by the prospect of being spanked for a change. As I’ve said, our relationship is primarily her as the bottom and me as the top. In general, I’m more of a switch than she is, but I still do consider myself a top first and foremost. Its been awhile though since I’ve been spanked, and I wasn’t about to argue with the idea.

So, once the baby was in bed, we headed off to the bedroom. I’d barely closed the door when my normally submissive wife said, rather sternly, “Get your pants down and get over the end of the bed.” How does one argue with that? A few seconds later, I found myself bent over the footboard bare from the waist down and receiving the first few warm-up smacks with her hand.

And then the baby woke up.

I don’t think either of us cussed, but I’m sure we both did in our head. She’d been asleep for about 20 minutes and we certainly hadn’t made any noise to wake her, but nonetheless, she was awake and unhappy. I left my two girls on our bed and came back to the computer to finish some work (and try not to think about what hadn’t happened).

Thankfully, about 10 minutes later, Sparkle came into my office (next to our family room) and said “How about bent over the end of the couch?” as our daughter was fast asleep on our bed.

Again, if you follow her blog, you’ll know that certain events this evening became something of a…frustration for her. This was discovered after she’d announced she was going to spank me, so it quickly became apparent that my backside was about to be willingly sacrificed to her frustrations. Ah well, I suppose its part of a husband’s duties to bend over and take one for the team occasionally. Had she been feeling a bit less frustrated, however, she probably would have picked something other than our most evil wooden spoon and the ping pong paddle with the holes in it to spank me with. I’m still squirming in my chair a bit half an hour later.

So there you have it: a game, some misbehaving hormones and probably the alignment of the planets resulted in a pleasant and painful role reversal in our house tonight.