I hadn’t planned on taking so long to write this, but as it frequently does, life got the better of me for a few days. Busy at work, busy at the firehouse, yada yada.

But, as Iris keeps reminding me, this entry is overdue.

A quick recap: as most of you know, Iris and I made a bet on the outcome of the Rose Bowl, which resulted in her becoming the lucky recipient of 28 strokes with my rubber paddle.

Two Tuesdays ago, I got to collect on the bet.

Now, the first thing I need to mention is that the bet paddling wasn’t the only spanking Iris got that night. She also got a punishment spanking that night. In fact, it was the second night in a row that she’d had to come over for a punishment spanking, so needless to say, her bottom was a bit tender by the time we sat down to dinner. We’d planned the bet payoff for that night before she’d gotten in trouble, and I’d have been willing to postpone the bet for another day, but she was insistent that she wanted to take care of it that night.

After dinner, while Sparkle got our daughter to bed, Iris changed into the short plaid skirt that had become part of the bet due to her attempts at reducing the number of strokes (which, of course, were not reduced). Then, she and I sat in our family room and chatted until Sparkle was able to join us. If you’ll remember, Sparkle’s witnessing of the payoff was part of the original bet.


I should also point out that this spanking was a first on two fronts:

1) This was the first time I’d spanked Iris for fun. Until this point, the only spankings she’d gotten from me were punishment ones related to our ongoing disciplinary program.

2) This was the first time Sparkle had seen me spank Iris. This is pretty much due to the first situation: Sparkle has no desire to watch me give a punishment spanking, so those have been just between Iris and me. But, having Sparkle watch the payoff was an original part of the bet, and she has no problems with watching a spanking for fun.

Once Sparkle joined us and found a comfy spot on the couch, I hit the play button on the CD player remote and sat down on the oak chair that we’re more-or-less keeping in the family room now.

Iris bent over my lap as the first notes of the USC fight song began playing through the speakers. She was grumbling something as I flipped up the back of her skirt and rubbed the seat of her panties. I think Sparkle said something with the word “unfair” in it too, but rather quickly decided it’s not wise to perturb a top with a rubber paddle nearby.

It’s very hard not to spank to the beat when you have good percussive music like Fight On playing.

Iris had asked for a warm-up spanking back on January 1 when she first lost the bet, and I was more than happy to oblige, first on the seat of her panties, and then not on the seat of her panties. I paused to stop the CD after Fight On finished (I didn’t want to torture her too much) and then continued until she was good and warm and ready for the paddle.
The rubber paddle is a fairly wicked toy. I first got it for Sparkle on our anniversary, and Iris, who happened to be babysitting for us that night, offered to Sparkle to make it disappear. She didn’t, of course, and now I think she regrets not doing so, as she’s felt it several times for punishment as well as for the bet.

For those who haven’t played with rubber implements before, they are unique. For one thing, this paddle is quite heavy, so at first glance, you’d expect it to be a thuddy implement. Not quite so, because it stings like the dickens. The weight does lend a certain thud to each impact, but that’s more or less hidden under the sting at first. After a thorough spanking, however, you can definitely feel both effects, especially on the bare.

And 28 solid swats on top of a thorough hand spanking and two punishment spankings within the past 24 hours is nothing to sneeze at. But Iris took them like a champ, and was quite proud with herself for having honored the bet the same day she got punished. I was proud of her too.

I’m not sure she’ll ever bet with me again though.