As I alluded to in my previous post, I first began exploring spanking about 12 years ago when I started college. Oh, I’d thought about it plenty before that. My earliest memory of spanking being something of interest was back in the first grade when a classmate told me her brother had been spanked the night before. By the time I was in high school, I’d pretty much figured out that I wanted to spank someone at least once, someday, and I even did take the opportunity to deliver a single smack to a female classmate’s backside with a yardstick once (she seemed to enjoy it, but alas, I never pursued the matter). I think I even understood that it was something that other people liked and I wasn’t some lone pervert. But it wasn’t until college and the discovery of the ‘net that I really began figuring out what it was all about.

When I started college, I didn’t even really know what the Internet was. I think I knew a little about it (I had seen War Games with Matthew Broderick as a kid), but I didn’t realize it was accessible to me. When I visited a high school classmate at his university during my freshman year, he asked if I had an e-mail address. My response was “I don’t think my university has that.” Oh, the naivete. When I got back home, I promptly went to one of the computer labs and discovered that why yes, in fact, I could request an e-mail address, and that evening I was the proud owner of my first e-mail address and was trying to figure out what exactly a “UNIX shell” was and how to use it. I’ve always been fairly computer savvy, but this was a new world for me and took me awhile to figure out.

Sometime within the next few months (I think it was around December 1993), while poking around through my dial-up access, I discovered Usenet. And of course, being a typical (read that “horny”) 18 year old college student, I decided to see if by any chance there was anything of a sexual nature on there. Believe it or not, there was (I was shocked, shocked I say). Not only sex, but kinky stuff too. Kinky stuff like…spanking.



Next thing I knew, I was reading the relatively new religiously. Reading, but lurking (for almost a year). Reading every story I could get my hands on, watching the banter between the various active posters. Sometime during that year, I probably even read my future wife’s “delurk”, though I didn’t know her from Eve at that time.

During this same year, I got involved in an online relationship with a girl in Texas through CompuServe’s College & University chat area. The more we talked, the more we liked each other, and talk turned to sexual talk and eventually, to many hundreds of dollars of late-night long-distance phone calls (luckily I had my own phone line at home and a job to pay for it). One night, more or less having a “truth or dare” type discussion, she insinuated that she liked something kinky, and told me she’d tell me if I told her anything kinky that I liked. Nervously, I told her that I liked spanking. To my glee, while she’d never done it, she said she wouldn’t mind trying it, then proceeded to tell me her kink was anal sex, which I have to say was another kink of mine. Alas, the relationship fell apart before we ever got the chance to meet, but it did embolden me a bit. Shortly after our “break-up”, I bit the bullet and delurked on a.s.s.

Having been a voracious lurker, I became a fairly-voracious poster, enough so that my nick “Coach Chris” was remembered by some folks several years after the demise of a.s.s. (I was never as active on soc.sexuality.spanking, the moderated group that succeeded a.s.s.). I’ll skip most of the details, but I did end up meeting several people through a.s.s and a spin-off discussion group on AOL in real-life and playing with most of them. The best, however, was meeting my wife.

Spanking My Wife…

I’m married to a wonderful woman who went by (and continues to go by) the nick of “Sparkle” on a.s.s. I’d read her stories and enjoyed them and had even run into her in the various chats from time to time. I knew she was a student, but somehow I got in my mind that she was a grad student. There were several grad students in the group, but I was one of the few undergrad students from the active group (I’m sure there were more who lurked or didn’t advertise the fact). One day during my senior year, however, Sparkle posted that she was getting ready to graduate and head off to grad school, so she wouldn’t be around for awhile. This immediately piqued my interest…for I now deduced that she had to be about the same age as me. So, I sent her an e-mail and we exchanged a few before she disappeared for the summer and her move.

She reappeared after the summer, but had just gotten herself into a relationship. I was also involved in a serious spanking relationship at the time. However, after awhile, I contacted her again and discovered the relationship she was in wasn’t what I had thought it to be, so we began talking more. After about six months, she came to visit, got thoroughly spanked, and soon I was using any excuse I could to go visit her, or have her come visit. When she finished her Master’s degree, she moved out here and a couple of weeks later, I proposed and we were married the following year. That’s been a bit over 5 years ago, and we couldn’t be happier.

Since then, my involvement in “the scene” seems to have dropped off some. For the first few years of our marriage, I pretty much ignored the scene altogether…not consciously, it was more a matter of having other things to occupy my time (like a new wife and a job that had me out of state as many days as I was in my office). Over the past year or so, however, I’ve become an active poster on a couple of discussion forums and read several blogs. I still correspond via e-mail and IM with a few people I met through fetlife, and there’s a couple I see in real life occasionally. Maybe its the whole pendulum thing, but I’m finding myself more and more drawn back to the scene and wanting more contact with it, so the next couple of years could be interesting.