Where to start, where to start?

The Shadow Lane party was a phenomenal experience. Not only was this the first one Sparkle and I had been to, it was the first kink event in general that we’d been to. Oh sure, we’d gotten together in small groups with like-minded friends in the past, but nothing’s quite like being around 300 or so other spankos that you don’t know, but are into the same thing you are.

The drive in was actually pretty good, much better than I expected for a Friday night. We hit a bit of traffic getting out of town, but then the majority of the drive was full speed and we got there in about the best time we ever make. Still, it was 11 PM and we weren’t sure what if anything would be going on at that time.

Oh, such newbies we were.

We got our luggage into the hotel and before we’d even gotten to the check-in desk, we’d already positively identified at least three spankos and tentatively a half-dozen more. We were given a room on the 25th floor (24 through 28 were all pretty much entirely SL people) and as we walked down the hall from the elevator, I had to chuckle at the distinct smacking sounds coming from behind most of the doors we passed. It was made even more surreal by the fact that the hallway was entirely deserted (which was relatively rare the rest of the time).

We got into our room and decided to take a few minutes to freshen up. Sparkle went first and I quickly unpacked while she did, then while I changed, she called our friend Mija, who said she’d be right down to get us. I was still in the bathroom when I heard the door open and Mija’s and several other voices and Sparkle’s “We’ve got company”. I came out to find not only Mija, but also our friend Iris and two other women we hadn’t met before, one of whom looked very familiar. The first was Librarygirl, who is just wonderful and a lot of fun. Sparkle and I both read her blog, so it was great to meet her in person and put a face with a name. The other, the one I recognized, was Bailey, who’s one of the models from Real Spankings. She is just so cute, and a wonderful person as well.

Oh, I should add that Mija and Bailey were both in school uniforms, and might I say, looked absolutely adorable together.

Sparkle, I don’t think we’re in [insert name of our quiet little town] anymore.

After the introductions were made, this foursome led us off to the suite party being hosted by Florida Moonshine. This appeared to be the place to be at 11:30 on Friday night. We worked our way through the crowd to one of the bedrooms where we found Iris’ M spanking the hostess on one bed and a couple more spankings on the other bed. Iris introduced us to a few people amidst our trying to take in the scene (in all senses of the word). Then Sparkle’s cell phone rang and she had to run because a certain top was waiting for her back at our room and, as she put it, she felt it best not to keep him waiting (I’ll let her share those details if she so chooses).

I stayed behind and tried to find a spot out of the way. About this time it dawned on me that the guy sitting in the chair in the corner of the room was none other than Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard and that I recognized more than a few of the women in that area of the room from both his site and Sierra’s blog(she herself appeared a few moments later). Around this time, M finished his scene, so I got to say hi to him and meet our hostess, Princess Gail, who introduced us to a few more of the Florida Moonshine folks. Iris and I sat and chatted with her and watched the rest of the goings-on. A bit later, I was introduced to a British gentleman named Ian, better known as The London Tanner. Very, very nice guy.

After watching quite a few spankings and finally starting to settle into the overall atmosphere, Iris and Princess Gail mentioned that a few people were going to eat and asked if I wanted to come along. I glanced at my watch and saw it was going on 1:00 in the morning, and realized I was rather hungry, so we proceeded to head down to the 24 hour restaurant in the casino. Our other dining companions turned out to be Librarygirl and her boyfriend/top Matt Anglen and another gentleman that I hadn’t met yet, but who looked familiar.


As well he should…it was Butch Simms, one of the owners of Shadow Lane. Another great guy. He even bought us breakfast.

We had a nice meal, chatting, telling stories and just having a great time. Right after we ordered, Sparkle called me to tell me that her spanking was done, so she came down and joined us.

Just as we were getting up to leave, Mija and Bailey showed up, so Sparkle and I ended up joining them after saying goodbye to the first group, and we were joined a short time later by Ian, who regaled us with some wonderful stories. By the time we’d finished again (I didn’t eat this time, but Sparkle did as she hadn’t the first time around), it was about 5 AM, so we decided to go get some sleep.

We purposely left the blinds open a bit so we wouldn’t sleep too long. I didn’t think it would only be two hours, but by 7 I was wide awake and smacking and fondling Sparkle’s bottom. We used to love playing in the morning, but its been awhile since we’ve had that luxury, so we took good advantage of it before sharing a shower and heading down to the lobby again.

We immediately ran into Mija at the coffee stand by the elevators, so we grabbed a table and sat and chatted. Over the next hour or so, our table steadily grew as Ian, Matt and Bailey each appeared and joined us. Several other people stopped to chat (mostly with Ian) and after a bit, everyone decided to go have breakfast. Sparkle and I excused ourselves to go do the parent thing (calling my sister who was babysitting for us and making sure the night went OK) and then decided to do the Vegas thing and hit the casino for a bit. We played video poker for about 10 minutes and I won $50, so we cashed out and decided we needed to eat.

After lunch, we headed over to the vendor fair. Because of our late arrival, we’d missed this Friday night, but thankfully it was open for a couple of hours Saturday as well. And it’s a good thing I won that $50, because there were just too many nice things to buy. I think there were about 6 to 8 different implement vendors, plus several others selling videos and internet subscriptions. As it was, we just ended up buying three new implements. Our first stop was The London Tanners…after having gotten to know Ian the night before, we really wanted to see his work. We ended up buying his newest creation, the Nanny Paddle (a hairbrush-sized leather paddle) and a CP Ruler Paddle, which is very similar to one of the first implements I ever played with and something I’ve been looking for since. His implements are gorgeous and It was hard to limit ourselves to just two. We also bought a lovely heart-shaped paddle made out of lacewood from Satinwood Paddles.

I’ll post a review of these new toys a bit later, after Sparkle’s bottom has gotten to feel them a few times.

At the vendor fair, we met up with Iris and M and ended up going up to their room and hanging out with them for awhile. Mija and Paul joined us after a bit, then Matt called and invited us to their suite where we hung out some more and watched Matt give a punishment spanking to another friend (I think he wanted an audience). We were also joined by Davo, who Sparkle had been playing with the night before, and Bailey. The ten of us decided to sit together at dinner, and set a time to meet in the lobby so we could go in together. We then went our separate ways, though we ended up in Davo’s room for a little bit with Mija and Paul, then headed back to our room to rest and get ready for dinner.

At 7:15, we all met in the lobby, except for Iris and M who said they’d meet us inside, and headed to dinner. We got a table, but while we were waiting for Iris and M, we found out we needed a couple more seats to accommodate Bailey’s roommate, Cindy, and Ian, so Sparkle and I ended up moving to the next table with Iris and M. We were joined by few other people at that table, including Clare Fonda, who runs the Spanked Sweeties, Girl Spanks Girl and Kara Prepare Yourself websites. We didn’t get to talk with her much, but she did a stand-up routine on stage as part of the entertainment for the evening and was hilarious (especially her description of why she had to do a “stand-up” routine).

After dinner during the music, we mingled a bit, and ended up meeting the gang from Happytails, including mgtgirl and Belt Boy, LV Racer, LilWildKat and OTKspanker (we’d actually met them briefly earlier in the day) and jujubees. I really wish I could have spent more time with these folks. This was the first party for mgtgirl, Belt Boy and jujubees, and they were having an absolute blast.

By this time, I was really starting to feel the effects of 5 hours sleep over a two day period, and not really up for a loud dance, so Iris, M and I decided to head up to one of the suite parties, though Sparkle again disappeared for a session with Davo. We split up to change and then Iris and M met me at our room. I’m not sure who the host was for the party we were at, but it seemed to be the most popular one with a fair number of SL “celebrities”. M went off to play, but Iris and I just sat and chatted and watched again with Librarygirl.

Awhile later, Mija and Bailey joined us for a bit, then we all went down to hang out in Iris and M’s room. Sparkle and Davo joined us there after their scene was over, and we hung out until about 2 AM before all heading off to bed.

Everyone slept in until a decent hour Sunday morning. Sparkle and I got up around 9 and packed up what we could (I had to leave Sunday afternoon, but she was staying until Monday and coming home with Mija and Paul). We then headed downstairs, got a couple of gifts for my sister and her boyfriend for babysitting, and then went to breakfast with Mija and Paul. The four of us went back to our room for my last 45 minutes in Vegas, and Sparkle and Mija both ended up getting spanked a bit by Paul and me. Iris, M and Davo joined us, and then I had to say my goodbyes and get on the road. Good thing I left when I did, because traffic was horrendous going back and it took about an hour and a half longer than the drive in did.

The whole weekend was fantastic (except for the drive back), and we’re definitely hoping to attend next year, assuming childcare can be worked out. Its definitely an experience and something of a combination of fantasy and a really cool cocktail party. We came away from the weekend with several strengthened friendships and several new ones.

In closing, if you haven’t been to one of these parties before, I would strongly recommend that you try it at least once. I’m going to try to put together another entry along the lines of suggestions based on our experiences, particularly for new attendees like us. These are big parties, but they’re very welcoming and fun. Part of me wishes we’d started going a long time ago, though realistically, I think this was a really good time for us to start based on where we our in our own life together.

Viva Las Vegas.