Last week, when I was commenting on not knowing what to write on my blog, Sparkle suggested that I write something nice about her bottom. I had to chuckle at that, but it seems like a very good idea.

To start out more generally, I suppose its no surprise to any of you that I’m a great fan of the female backside. Even before I knew or admitted I was a spanko, I always enjoyed that particular part of the female anatomy. Going through puberty, I was never all that fascinated by breasts like most of my male buddies were, but when “she” turned around, oh man, I was in heaven.

To this day, even knowing and understanding my spanking kink, I’m never quite sure what makes bottoms themselves so alluring. I can list many attributes that I like about them: their gentle curves, their taboo nature, the way they feel when squeezed and caressed, the lovely bounce they have when a firm smack is delivered. But it seems to be more than that.

I’ll admit to a certain degree of male piggishness and share that I enjoy looking at women’s bottoms, whether I know them or not. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not one to objectify women and I don’t simply focus on their bodies. What’s inside a woman’s head attracts me a lot more than what’s inside her jeans. But I’d be lying if I said that I don’t enjoy looking.

Now, onto my wife’s bottom. And I hope she blushes furiously when she reads this…I love her blush too.


Sparkle has a lovely little bottom, and it just begs to be smacked. As most of you know, or can at least guess if you read one of my early posts where I talked about how Sparkle and I met, our first real-life meeting was in an airport when she came to visit me. As I’m sure you can also imagine, when we first embraced and kissed, my hands naturally slid around and down to rest on and squeeze her bottom. That was my first actual impression of her bottom, and it was quite a nice one. Firm, yet soft enough, with a nice curve. She, of course, pushed her bottom back into my hands, which was a very nice feeling indeed. I knew I’d be spanking that bottom soon, yet at that moment, I was content to simply hold it.

As we walked to the baggage claim, we were side by side at first, but I eventually let her in front of me so that I could see it. She was wearing a fairly loose jumper, so visually there weren’t many cues, but I could tell it was a pretty little bottom.

Of course, later that was confirmed when her jumper was pulled up and her panties were pulled down and she was getting her first spanking from me.

I still love Sparkle’s bottom. I love it in most any position, though my favorite is when she’s laying over my lap. That may sound like an obvious thing for a spanko to say, but even if we weren’t spankos, I’d still love her bottom best in that position. The curve is accentuated, and her cheeks spread ever so slightly. Its a very naughty bottom, and it likes to tease me.

I’m not the only one who thinks so either. A few friends who’ve seen me spank Sparkle have commented on how cute her bottom is, especially when she’s getting spanked. There’s really no better way to put it than saying her bottom was made to be spanked.

Of course, there’s other scenarios I like too. I love her bottom in a pair of snug jeans. I adore it when we’re sleeping at night and she nestles her bottom against me. My palms start itching when she turns around and wiggles it at me (clothed or not). I can’t resist smacking her when she bends over to pick something up.

I’m a bottom man, what can I say? And I’m very glad that Sparkle’s bottom is the one that I get to enjoy the most.