Last week, Sparkle went shopping at the mall.

No, this isn’t a post about her getting in trouble for shopping. Sparkle’s much more naturally frugal than I am, so the few times a year when she goes shopping are never an issue. Besides, this is the beginning of the Christmas season, so most of the shopping she did was for other people.

However, when she got home, she did proudly (and blushingly) tell me that she got some new panties…a pair she just couldn’t resist. And when you see them below, you’ll know why.

Last night, we managed to get the princess into bed at a decent hour, and neither of us were in the midst of anything. We’d been working around the house all day, as well as Friday, doing some long overdue cleaning and getting our Christmas decorations up. When bedtime came, I read our daughter her bedtime stories while Sparkle took a shower.

I left our sleeping princess just as Sparkle got out of the shower. When I came into the bedroom, I saw the new panties on the bed, and my wife in her bathrobe. She rather pointedly asked if I was going to watch her get dressed, with the hint that I might prefer to remove myself until she was dressed. Being a rather clever fellow, I left the room for a few minutes.

When I returned, my lovely wife was lying on the bed in a short denim skirt, white t-shirt, red Christmas socks and, presumably, with the new panties on under the skirt.


Now this skirt has a bit of history for us. Back when Sparkle first came to visit me in July of 1998, I bought her this very same skirt, along with a pair of cowgirl boots, at a local Western wear store. That evening, she modeled the skirt and boots for me, and then was spanked in them, and then modeled some more with a red bottom. I still have the Polaroids (hey, this was back in the pre-affordable digital camera days) in my night stand. Unfortunately, most of those are a bit more risque than either of us are willing to share.

In any event, back to the present. Sparkle was quite the vision of innocent naughtiness lying there on our bed in this outfit, making a grocery list. I joined her on the bed and gently stroked her thighs, then let my hand slip up under her skirt. When my fingertips encountered the lacy edge of her new panties, I decided that this was too good of a photo opportunity to pass up.


I don’t take naughty pictures of Sparkle often anymore. Back when we lived on opposite coasts, it was much more common. Part of that may have been simply the impetuousness of a new relationship, but a lot of it was due to the long-distance nature of our relationship and the need for some connection during the times we were apart. Since we’ve gotten married, its become less common, though we still break out the camera (digital now) occasionally. When Sparkle bought these new panties, I jokingly said that we’d need to post a picture of them, and it was up for debate as to whether or not she’d be wearing them at the time. Wasn’t much of a debate.

After snapping a few “setup” shots of her outfit, I proceeded to flip up her skirt and expose her panties. After a bit of arranging them to make sure her bottom was at its photogenic best, she groaned slightly and informed me she had veto rights on the posting of any of these pictures. Luckily, she didn’t exercise that right.


I do so love the prevalence of the word “naughty” around Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year for totally vanilla reasons anyway, but adding in the cards, signs, and yes, panties with the word proudly emblazoned on them just makes it that much better.

I’d seen the panties earlier in the week, of course, but this was my first glimpse of them on Sparkle’s cute bum. I have to say, they fit her perfectly…in more ways than one.

In case you’re interested, the panties came from Cacique(but we can’t find them on their website).


By this point, I wasn’t much interested in pictures anymore, so after getting a couple shots of said panties, I put the camera down.

Yes, Sparkle got spanked. Its a rare day when we’re intimate and she doesn’t get at least a few slaps on her bottom. We’d joked about the danger of wearing red panties a few days prior, as I said it gives a nice color for me to strive for (our friend Iris said wearing red panties is almost a challenge to the top) . This first spanking wasn’t much, and at the end her bottom was more the color of the lace trim than the main body of the panties (she did get a bit more with the London Tanners Nanny Paddle later on).

As it often does, the spanking led to other things. Her panties and t-shirt ended up on the floor before long, as did my clothes.

But the skirt stayed on throughout. We are kinky, after all.