Blogging isn’t the only thing that’s been neglected here lately. Over the past month, Sparkle and I have spent one week in different states, another in different counties and then two together in another state where we had little to no privacy.

As a result, Sparkle’s bottom was rather too cool for about a month.

Until last night, that’s held true. Unfortunately, last night wasn’t an option because I was at my monthly fire department business meeting and didn’t get home until after 11:30, at which point, both of us were too tired to think about spanking (thankfully, the meeting wasn’t as stressful as she feared…just long).

Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it tonight.


In any event, I thought you might all enjoy a brief recap of the spankings she has received since we returned to California.

Friday, July 14

This was our first night back in town. Our plane got in Friday afternoon, almost half an hour early, in fact. Unfortunately, that extra half hour (and more) was lost when I got to the truck in the parking lot (our daughter with me, and Sparkle sitting at the terminal with the luggage) and discovered that the battery had totally died during our two week absence. Thank goodness for AAA.

By the time we got home (a little after 6 PM), got the bags in and unpacked, ordered some pizza for dinner, got A bathed and to bed and got ourselves cleaned up, we were rather tired. Sparkle did get a brief hand-spanking lying next to me on the bed, but it was more a brief (and tired) reacquainting than anything else. And then we had sex, and went to sleep.

Saturday, July 15

Saturday was mostly spent with Sparkle doing laundry and me “enjoying” the heat-wave at the fire station…our vacation was planned to get us back in town just in time to go on my every-third-weekend of duty with the department. I was tired from the get-go since we got called out for a medical call about 2 AM and I ended up being one of the ones to go to the hospital with the patient.

It was late again after we got through the nightly routine, but even being a bit jet-lagged, we were somewhat more energetic. Sparkle got a proper OTK hand-spanking, and then I got out the leather fly swatter we bought in Indiana and proceeded to thoroughly test it out on Sparkle’s bare tush (both over my knee and laying on the bed). It’s fairly innocent when used lightly, but definitely got a reaction when I used it more forcefully. Sparkle’s bottom reddens ever so nicely with leather.

And then we had sex, and went to sleep.

Sunday, July 16

Sunday morning was devoted to church. This is something else that had been neglected for about a month, though we did get to attend worship at the church Sparkle grew up in (and where we got married) when we were in Indiana. But due to the leadership positions we have within our own church, a month’s absence was definitely noticed.

Sunday was also my day staffing the ambulance for the weekend. We (the duty crew members) generally each take it for a 12-hour shift over our duty weekends (which run from 6 PM Friday to 6 AM Monday), but due to some scheduling issues, there were only three of us qualified to take it this weekend and I had it from 9 AM Sunday through Monday morning. Thankfully, the residents stayed safe and healthy on Sunday, because we were hosting a mostly vanilla BBQ for a group of spanko friends Sunday afternoon.

A married spanko couple (J and K) from out of state that we’re friends with online are in California this week on vacation with their kids. I’d met J (and the kids) before several years ago, but Sparkle hadn’t and neither of us had met K. Our friends Mija (of the Punishment Book) and Pablo are also friends with them, so we invited them along with another online friend we hadn’t met before, as well as Iris (also from the Punishment Book) and her boyfriend/top, M.

The party wound down sometime around 10 PM, and then came the cleaning up and getting A to bed. So another late start, but having spent the evening with a group of like-minded individuals had definitely made me keen to get Sparkle’s bottom across my lap. She got a rather sound hand-spanking, but I don’t think any implements came out.

And then we had sex, and went to sleep. (Are you starting to notice a pattern here?)

Monday, July 17

Monday was my first day back “at work”, which can be an odd distinction when your office is in your house. However, I didn’t get much work done because I also had a job interview Monday morning. I’m not going to go into much detail on that (yet), but hopefully I’ll be hearing one way or the other soon.

Unfortunately, the interview took place during the same time A was at her first day back at pre-school, so we didn’t get to take advantage of the empty house during that time (another advantage to working from home).

During the evening, I was contemplating what sort of spanking Sparkle was going to get. Then, I logged onto happytails and discovered she’d made that decision for me with this post. When we adjourned to the bedroom and she went to the bathroom to get ready for bed, I got out our Adam and Gillian’s leather paddle (ours is the one without holes). When she returned and saw it, she rather nervously asked me what “THAT” was for, and I told her (as I stood her before me in her PJ pants) that it was because of her impish mouth that she couldn’t keep under control. I then turned her over my knee, and spanked the seat of her PJs with both hand and paddle. And then the PJ pants came down. By the end, she was rather red and sore and contrite.

And then (say it with me) we had sex, and went to sleep.

Tuesday, July 18

Tuesday was a bit more back to the routine. I had to get up early to go do some field work for my job, and A, who was still somewhat on Indiana time, got up about the same time. Sparkle ended up taking her to the mall, and it was a long and somewhat stressful day for her. By the evening, Sparkle was basically handing A to me, which was fine. We got her to bed at a fairly decent time, but Sparkle still had some work for her job to do. She also had to write a post to happytails describing her punishment of the night before (a condition of said punishment). Thus, we still didn’t get into the bedroom until late.

I knew Sparkle had had a long day, so the spanking started off as just a brief hand-spanking which rather quickly moved to us “spooning” and her moving quickly towards an orgasm. She groaned, but didn’t say much until it became clear that I was perfectly willing to torment her much longer than she wished. I told her that it didn’t necessarily have to be the hairbrush, but rather that any implement that she didn’t like would work.

After a bit more “persuasion”, she chose the heavy wooden spoon that was one of the first implements she ever game me. It is, as she so aptly described it on her blog “so thick it might as well be a paddle” and not well loved by her. In fact, I believe there have been a few times she’s questioned her own sanity as to why she would ever buy such an evil thing and give it to the man who thoroughly enjoys warming her bottom.

The decision being made, she decided she’d prefer to enjoy the orgasm with a bottom that didn’t burn, so once that was taken care of, she went over my lap again (bare from head to toe this time) and got a rather firm spanking with the spoon. It was enough that by the end, she was fighting rather hard to avoid the smacks, and when I commented that she could probably take more, she asked to be able to lie on the bed. We shifted position, and I then proceeded to give her about 100 more smacks in sets of ten, with lots of rubbing, squeezing and other good stuff between.

And then…

Yup, we did.