Around 11 PM, she came into my office, sat on the floor and said “Can I just have my spanking now so I can get to work?” I glanced at the clock and asked her if she was giving up on being naughty for the night, and she answered in the affirmative.

So I told her to stand up and take down her jeans, and then turned my office chair and had her lay across my lap.

The traditional OTK position like this is not one we use very often. Most of the time, OTK is done with me sitting in the middle of the couch or on the bed so that her legs and upper body are both supported. We also occasionally use a variation (also on the bed) where her feet are on the floor, but her upper body is on the bed. Bent completely across my lap with both hands and feet on the floor is a rarity though.

I proceeded to warm her up through her panties, and she began kicking and squirming before I even bared her bottom. I think I spanked her for about five minute to a nice rosy pink, and she was definitely complaining a lot more than normal. After she had slid off the lap back to the floor, I asked her if it had hurt more than normal, and she said yes. I didn’t spank any harder, so the position definitely played a part in that (mentally, physically or some combination thereof).

As I sent her off to work, I told her that this position is going to be used more often for punishment spankings from now. She didn’t seem all too thrilled about that idea, which tells me that it is an excellent idea.