Three of my favorite people in the world celebrate their birthdays this time of year, and I got to celebrate with two of them this weekend.

First (and slightly out of order), today is my lovely wife Sparkle’s birthday. It’s also the anniversary of the day I proposed to her, eight years ago (we’ll celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary in September). I love her as much, if not more, now as I did back then, and I’m constantly grateful for her love, sense of humor and sense of naughtiness. She’s my partner in all things, the mother of my child and my best friend. I love you, sweetheart, and happy birthday.

Yesterday was our friend Mija’s birthday. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to celebrate with her due to family commitments on her part, but I do want to wish her a very happy birthday, and I’m sure her husband Paul will make sure she’s adequately birthday-spanked.

Lastly, Tuesday is Iris’ birthday as well. We did get to celebrate with her…twice. Friday afternoon, we made the drive down from our new house, and got into Southern California just in time to stop and change at a gas station and meet her and M for dinner at one of Sparkle’s and my favorite restaurants (the place I took her the night I proposed, in fact). We had a lovely dinner and then came back to what we’re now thinking of as “our old house” where, once the princess was in bed, two birthday girls each got two birthday spankings from two tops. It was quite fun.

We got to see Iris and M again last night at an outdoor concert that Iris invited us to with some vanilla friends and family. We had a wonderful time, drank lots of good wine, ate cheesecake, and learned all about the bondage scene in Carmen.

Unfortunately, Sparkle also earned herself a punishment yesterday for the vitamin rule (which I’ll explain more in my next entry), so that was dealt with when we got home (before moving on to more fun activities).

Today, we have breakfast with a friend from the fire department here, and then do a bit of shopping and hit the road back north. I hope Sparkle enjoyed her birthday weekend as much as I did.