As we both expected, there have been a few requests for more details on the disciplinary arrangement that Iris and I have recently entered into together.

As I said in my original post, this process started as a result of a certain bad habit that she’s fallen into, so correcting that habit is the ultimate goal for both of us. To that end, I’ve established certain minimum daily “performance” requirements that she has to meet. If she doesn’t meet them, she gets punished. There is also a reward component that I might write about later.

The Whole Procedure

The basic punishment is, of course, a spanking. It’s somewhat ritualized, starting with the fact that she has to come over to our house for the spanking (she lives with a non-kinky couple, so her place isn’t an option). Sometimes, she’s already coming over for dinner, and the punishment is usually handled first. Other times, she has to come specifically for the punishment, and then has to leave shortly thereafter. Sparkle (as she mentioned in a comment) often tries to be out with the princess when these happen, but it’s not always possible. Luckily, the setup of our house is such that I can be spanking Iris on one side of the house, and Sparkle and the princess can be on the other side and not hear anything.

As Iris has mentioned several times, she has a rather high tolerance, so it’s a hard and long bare-bottomed spanking, usually involving several implements and a lot of scolding. The length and severity of this spanking varies a bit based on the implements I’ve selected, as well as based on her attitude that day towards her behavior and the punishment.

The spanking is then followed by cornertime (also bare-bottomed, of course) which varies in length based on her daily performance. In this case, it’s a very quantified measure of her performance, but I can’t really explain that further without divulging more information than either of us wants to. Suffice it to say that when she arrives for her punishment, she already knows how many minutes she’ll be standing in the corner based on how she did that day.

After the cornertime, the last part of the spanking consists of a designated number of swats with both my long-handled bathbrush and my heavy oak paddle. These are quantified in the same way as the cornertime, so again, she knows how many she’ll be receiving with each of these implements from the beginning and I usually make her count at least one set.

The Process

This process seems to work well. Neither of us is particularly fond of rigidly quantified punishments, but both recognize that such regimentation can be good and is an effective way to address variations in behavior and performance. I do much prefer to give spankings where the length and severity is based on my observations of the other person and how they’re “taking it”. This system allows for both: the initial spanking is totally left up to me as far as length and severity, with the cornertime and bathbrushing/paddling being more regimented.

Aside from the spanking, Iris also has to write lines each night she earns a punishment. If she’s able to be spanked the same night that the punishment is earned, she writes the lines after going home from here and before going to bed. Unfortunately, our schedules don’t always allow for her to be spanked immediately, even though we’d both prefer to handle it nightly (neither of us likes having it left hanging over us). So, if Iris does earn a punishment and has to wait a few days to see me and be spanked, she has to write lines every night until that happens. If she earns any subsequent punishments during that intervening time, the number of lines she has to write grows accordingly. That, unfortunately for her, did happen the week of Christmas when we had Sparkle’s family visiting and it’s not a situation either of us wants to repeat (her more than me).

This whole arrangement is a dynamic process. It’s been about a month since we started, and already a few of the specifics have changed, and I expect them to change further as we grow into this and as Iris’ control of her habit improves. There have been more days without punishments than there have been with, so she is doing good, even despite certain other challenges over the past couple of weeks. I am proud of her for that, and while I’m certainly willing to spank her every day she needs it, I look forward to a day when I don’t have to…for this situation, at least.