at this moment I can officially declare that

a) SpankozBlog is running again (i.e. we solved the database problem)

b) Given that I already opened up a new website (SpankingLife), I thought about ways to make use of SpankozBlog again.

I had been occasionally mailing with Chris, an old friend (we go way, way back…) and it turns out that Chris is willing to curate SpankozBlog for the next time.

I will continue blogging at SpankingLife (because I already moved over all my writings) and Chris will slowly publish his own thoughts here.

It may be that I’ll stop by from time to time, but it’s Chris’ show here.

Introducing Chris

Chris is an old friend of mine and already sent me a short description for the blog. You can read it here.

Who is Chris? Apart from the self description, I have to say: he’s a Spanking fanatic, almost as much as I am.

That’s great and the only reason why I proposed him to take over this blog – he’s the right guy, he’s got a little more time now, and he wants to start blogging again. (He had a blogspot, but I don’t remember the link). He’s a switch and lives together with his wife, but it’s mostly him spanking her.

He’s also an active firefighter.


Why continuing SpankozBlog?

Although I already moved the entire blog to SpankingLife and announced this publicly, SpankozBlog still gets some 50 – 100 hits per day.

Maybe it’s because people clicked on old links and such (the original domain is well over 15 years old!) , but I didn’t want to waste my work either.

While I was very angry about the botched database which made me open up a new blog, we got the problem out of the world recently as someone in my family helped me out.

Actually it was fairly easy to solve -if one knows, where to look at.

So SpankoBlog won’t be wasted and my work / legacy continues here …

I really look forward to reading more from Chris!