So here’s the mundane (and maybe not-so-mundane) about me.

I’m a 30 year old guy with a deep interest in spanking. I’m primarily a top, but I do switch occasionally.

I’ve been married for a bit over 5 years to a wonderful woman who’s known throughout the online spanking scene as “Sparkle”. She and I met through the old fetlife and have since settled into a fairly normal suburban life. We have a mortgage, a 2 year old daughter and a dog. We go to church dinners and have family dinners at our house. We’d rather spend the day at Disneyland or hiking than going out clubbing. We have more Disney movies on our shelf than Shadow Lane ones. In short, we’re a typical WASP-ish middle class couple who just happen to enjoy good hard spankings.

Spanking for us is primarily playful/sexual in nature. Most of the time, its a prelude to sex, but not always. We do engage in some disciplinary spanking from time to time. As my wife will freely admit, I’m not a disciplinarian by nature, but its something that I want to provide for her, and its a role I’ve been slowly working my way into. Its funny because back when I first started thinking about spanking, I always assumed it would be in a disciplinary context and even most the stories I wrote on a.s.s. were disciplinary in nature. Once I actually started engaging in spanking play, however, it became just that: play. The concept of giving a true disciplinary spanking quickly became more and more remote to me until I pretty much decided I couldn’t be a disciplinarian.


Onto the more mundane. I’m a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician…in fact, I had to leave in the middle of this post to respond to a major traffic collision about a block from my house (only minor injuries thankfully). My full-time job is related to that…basically workplace safety stuff. Sparkle and I are both active in our church, and no, we don’t have any problems reconciling our kink lives with our Christian faith (and if you want more in depth thoughts on that, please check out her blog, and even a few of her Punishment Book contributions, as its a common theme).

Not much else to say for now. There will be more, but that’s the basics.