I know it’s been awhile since my last post. Life’s been busy the past couple of weeks, including a business trip in a hotel with terrible wireless internet service.

Last month, while summarizing her 17th reassurance spanking, Sparkle wrote the following:

“Side note: Of the paddles at Adam & Gillians, the one we don’t have that I’d most like to get is the burgundy hairbrush paddle. I don’t know why, I have this inexplicable and idiotic fascination with it. But hey, despite the pain, I’m still a spanko, so I suppose that’s all the explanation required. I’ve been thinking about creating a permanent wish list in the sidebar. Wouldn’t that be cool? I could update it whenever I found something new or whenever we got one of the items on the list.”

Almost as soon as she’d posted that, the comments started coming in from concerned friends who had, shall we say, personal experience with this particular implement and who were worried about her sanity. I think my favorite was from Mija, who said “It hurt so much the first time he used it that the second time Pab was going to I started shaking. Now I just start crying when I see it. It saves time.“

So, of course, I ordered it. I mean, what does a bottom expect a top to do when she basically asks for a new toy, especially with Valentine’s Day approaching? Sparkle has since repeatedly protested that she never actually asked for it, but I’ve informed her that expressing any interest in an implement is tantamount to such, at least in this house.

It arrived on Tuesday, and Sparkle put the package in my chair, not even suspecting what was inside the rather innocuous looking white cardboard box. Had she known, I suspect she might have engaged in a bit of mail tampering. But she didn’t, so when I got home, I gleefully showed her what I’d gotten her for Valentine’s Day

It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture, but this is the burgundy version she specifically requested (it’s also available in black and russet). I ordered the smaller size, which is 4 inches by 10 inches. They also have a larger size, which is 5 inches by 12 inches. It is definitely different from the other leather paddles we have, including the Square Paddle and THE Paddle we also have from Adam & Gillian’s. The leather is extremely dense and firm and almost looks like wood at first glance. The infamous Delrin core also makes it very rigid, especially given the thickness of the paddle.

As a gesture of kindness in purchasing such a seemingly evil implement, I did have the optional black rabbit fur added to one side of the paddle. Adam & Gillian’s actually offers three padding choices: rabbit fur, shearling wool, or Kodel polyester. Since one really only needs to use one side of a paddle for it’s intended purpose, I thought the rabbit fur would be a nice touch. We used to have a small square hairbrush shaped wooden paddle with rabbit fur on one side, and very much enjoyed it until it cracked. It was affectionately known as the harebrush.

Tuesday night, after the princess was in bed, Sparkle got to experience both sides of the new toy. We started off with a good hand spanking over my lap to get her warmed up, and then the new paddle came out. She nervously asked if she could lie on the bed instead of over my lap, so we shifted position and I began lightly smacking her bottom with it.

Even with light smacks, it stings. As the smacks grow harder, the sting is augmented with a nice thuddy impact as well. Sparkle surprisingly enjoyed it quite a bit, until the full-force smacks at the end. She enjoyed the rabbit fur side afterwards even more…I do so love it when she arches her bottom up into the air.

She said that used nicely, it’s a great toy, but she can see how it could be very evil if used for unfun reasons or without a good warm-up.

I can personally attest to that second statement, because after her paddling, Sparkle offered to let me feel it. She didn’t give me any sort of warm-up, and even with relatively light smacks, that thing stings like the dickens under those circumstances. This is definitely going to be a feared punishment implement, though perhaps nervously anticipated for fun.

We’re both now curious about the larger version, so another order may be placed in the near future. I’ve already decided that if and when we get the bigger one, we’ll get it with the shearling to have a couple of different options.

Oh, and I did get her flowers too.